Operation Management and Practice

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Producing eggs for distribution

Great Western
Victoria, Australia

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3.Plant Design Layout5
4.Management of raw materials6
5.Workforce issues affecting the process8
6.Quality control11
7.Egg production flow chart13
8.Information flow14

Green Eggs has been producing eggs since 2004 having numerous awards to their credit up to date. The farm runs other stock besides chickens but egg production has become a focal point of the farm.

Much attention is paid to innovative and well thought out processes to minimise worker stress and boredom and ensure maximum production. Innovation of the processes is but half the story as quality of product is more to do with animal husbandry and time lag between laying and selling. This is a feature of Green Eggs, with the ‘laid-by’ date being given on the egg carton.

Five barns house 30,000 chickens that produce 25,000 eggs daily. Maremma dogs guard the chickens when they are out in the surrounding paddocks ensuring the chickens have nothing to worry about from predators in the area.

The Eggs are sold to specialty stores in Melbourne and the surrounding areas and transport by road in relatively small refrigerated trucks. 2.Introduction
Eggs are a natural product of the laying hen and have been around for thousands of years…the old adage “what came first the chicken or the egg” (source unknown) of course draws testament to the complexities behind chickens and eggs.

Egg processing serves a rapidly increasing market worldwide. The number of eggs going for breaking are now at an all time high representing a third of total production in places like North America, the European Union (EU) or Japan (http://www.worldpoultry.net/processing/eggs/product-eggs/adding-value-to-egg-products-6967.html). Global egg consumption has tripled in the past 40 years (http://www.worldpoultry.net/processing/eggs/product-eggs/adding-value-to-egg-products-6967.html). Therefore eggs are a commodity that is both nutritious and a staple in the diets of many nationalities around the world.

Located at Great Western just out of Ararat on the foothills of the Grampians the Green Eggs chickens have 480 hectares upon which to roam. Green Eggs are Green Eggs because the Greens run the place! The family apply sustainable and ethical farming practices in running numerous stock including chickens. For the Greens, freshness and quality only come from happy and healthy hens (pers comm. Green, A., 2011).

The feeding of the chickens is both crucial and complex to ensure: size; flavour of the egg; colour of the shell as well as the consistency of the shell are uniform across the eggs produced. Research shows that people tend to prefer a deep yellow yolk (http://www.worldpoultry.net/processing/eggs/product-eggs/adding-value-to-egg-products-6967.html). Colour of the yolk is improved with the chicken’s ability to source green feed. This therefore does not need to be added to the supplemental feed given and in fact if too much is fed, can turn the yolk dark orange (Herber-McNeill, S.M., and Van Elswyk, M.E. 1998)

It was demonstrated by Waibel et al. ('55) that there was a significantly greater egg weight and egg production with birds fed a corn-soy diet compared with those fed an alpha-protein-glucose diet (Jensen, L. S. Alleed, J.B., Fey, B.E., McGinnis, J., 1957). Of course research into egg production continues to reduce the time before chickens start laying and the length of time they lay for. 3.Plant Design Layout

The production process at Green Eggs is a modern example of a batch/continuous flow hybrid process.

The process begins with eggs in the laying barns

4.Management of raw materials
There are a number of inputs that need to be managed as...
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