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We are heart fully thankful to our course instructor Ms. Farhana Fairoz, whose encouragement, guide and support from the beginning till the end of the project has helped us to develop an understanding of the subject in a real world situation. We would also like to thank KFC (banana branch) for providing us a kitchen tour and providing us with all the necessary information to complete the project without any problems.

Topic| Page|
Introduction| 3|
Product types and description| 4|
Process type| 11|
Process flow chart| 12|
Layout| 13|
Layout flow chart| 14|
Internal Layout| 15|
Business Blue Print| 16|
Advantages and Disadvantages| 17|
Conclusion|  |

KFC is a global chain of fried chicken fast food restaurants with its operational headquarters in Louisville, Kentucky in the United States. It was developed and built by Colonel Harland Sanders, who began selling fried chicken from his roadside restaurant in Corbin, Kentucky from 1930. Sander’s was an early pioneer of the restaurant franchise concept, with the first "Kentucky Fried Chicken" franchise opening in Utah in 1952. The company's rapid expansion meant that it grew too large for the aging Sanders to manage, and he sold the company to a group of investors in 1964. Sanders continued to act as the chain's goodwill ambassador until his death in 1980, and his image remains an important part of the company's branding and advertisements, where he is often known simply as "The Colonel". In 1971, Kentucky Fried Chicken was sold to Heublein for $285 million who were taken over by R.J. Reynolds in 1982, who sold the chain to PepsiCo for $850 million in 1986. PepsiCo spun off its restaurants division as Tricon Global Restaurants in 1997, which subsequently changed its name to Yum! Brands in 2002. As a Yum! subsidiary , KFC is a core component of one of the largest restaurant companies in the world. By December 2011, there were over 17,000 KFC outlets in 105 countries and territories, making it the second largest restaurant chain in the world after McDonald's. Its two major single markets are in its home country and China, which together contain around half of all KFC outlets. KFC in Bangladesh

KFC stands for high quality fast food in a popular array of complete meals to enrich the consumer’s everyday life. KFC strives to serve great tasting, “finger lickin good” chicken meals that enable the whole family to share a fun. Uninhibited and thoroughly satisfying eating experience, with same convenience and affordability of ordinary Quick Service Restaurants. Transcom Foods Limited, a concern of Transcom Group is the franchisee of KFC in Bangladesh. The first ever KFC restaurant has been opened in September at Gulshan, Dhaka with a seating capacity of 178 persons. In the coming days, KFC plans roll out more restaurants in Bangladesh

KFC’s Products
* Original Recipe Chicken
* Soft juicy chicken made with Colonel Sander’s secret recipe of a blend of 11 herbs and spices.

Nutrition facts: (for average serving size of 159g, 2 pcs)
Energy kg/100g| Protein g/100g| Fat Total g/100g| Fat Saturated g/100g| Carbohydrate Total g/100g| Carbohydrate Sugars g/100g| Sodium mg/100g| Total Dietary Fibre g/100g| 1197| 22.6| 18.2| 5.1| 7.8| 0.3| 528| 0.8|

* Hot and Crispy Chicken
* Spicy, crispy and juicy chicken with a crunchy coating.

Nutrition facts: (for average serving size of 176g, 2 pcs)
Energy kg/100g| Protein g/100g| Fat Total g/100g| Fat Saturated g/100g| Carbohydrate Total g/100g| Carbohydrate Sugars g/100g| Sodium mg/100g| Total Dietary Fibre g/100g| 1154| 19.2| 17.8| 7.3| 9.8| 0.3| 468| 0.7|

* Hot Wings
* KFC’s popular spicy snack; chicken wings smeared with lemon chili flavor.

Nutrition facts: (for average serving size of 110g, 3 pcs)
Energy (kcal)| Carbohydrate (g)| Protein (g)| Total Fat (g)| MUFA (g)...
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