Operation Management

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  • Published : May 3, 2007
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Operation management can be summarized as techniques for restructuring the infrastructure to gain a competitive advantage to optimize decisions and processes utilized in business practices. Operation management gives the managers a systematic way to enhance their day to day processes and assist in maximizing revenues. One of the key objectives practiced by an OM manager is making ethical decisions during the planning, reviewing, and implementation stages of new processes. This paper will briefly discuss the purpose of operation management as well as analyze an ethical decision made within my company. Operations management focuses on managing processes to produce and distribute products and services (www.managementhelp.org). These things play a critical role in the success of an organization. Understanding, implementing and decreasing company issues is an important role played by operation management. In order to optimize your organizations production, it is crucial to have a conspicuous management team. A conspicuous operation management team will ensure that day to day procedures are effectual for the organization. Not only that, the OM team is faced with problems that require moral leadership. Operation managers understand that ethical decision making in an organization is important in the development of that organization. Ethical decisions are guided by the combination of personal values and organizational influences. These decisions have to be made carefully so that it will not affect the long term production of the organization. Within my company, operations managers are forced to make ethical decisions everyday for the future of the company. Since my company is currently going through a merger, management is required make decisions on new procedures for the company as well as hiring the employees that will optimize those procedures. In order to accomplish this, operation managers had to observe the employees attendance, years of employment,...
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