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Welcome to PGBM03 Operations Management
This module is designed to give an introduction to that part of the organization which is responsible for creating and delivering its products and services. Organizations only continue to exist if they meet their customers’ requirements. Whilst “Marketing” has the role of identifying these requirements, “Operations” ensures that the product or service is created and delivered in the most competitive form. With competition becoming increasingly intense on an international scale, the pressures are greater to reduce costs, to improve quality and to respond quickly to the market, and individual customer demands. Companies can only satisfy these needs through their operational activities. The product is the visible manifestation of the organization, by which it is ultimately judged. Operations Management is therefore a core activity of any organization; an understanding of it is of the greatest importance. The intention of the module is to emphasize the strategic importance of Operations Management and how it relates to the other functions of the organization, especially Marketing. Interest in Operations Management has never been greater, as pressure builds on organizations to meet not only rigorous quality standards but also to operate within severe cost constraints. In manufacturing this has been felt for several years as companies fought against international competition. Now the service sector and in particular the public service sector are being subjected to the same rigorous scrutiny. Even manufacturing companies need to differentiate themselves from their competitors by the service which they associate with their products. It is for this reason that we have developed a Service Operations Management module available as an option in the second semester of the MBA course. There is a tight focus on “value” which can only be achieved in the long-run by close attention to the operating/marketing system, starting with the purchase of resources of the right cost and quality, followed by their conversion into a product acceptable to the customer and, finally, delivery of this product to the customer. Although a thorough study of the module will enable you to recognize and describe different features of many organizations, it is more important that you should be able to analyze these activities and be able to say why organizations do what they do, looking critically at the processes used to create the products and services. You should be able to recognize why designing the right processes is important in creating the most competitive output. You should be able to understand the strategic importance of an operations function that is closely integrated with the other activities of the organization. This module covers the basic principles of the topic. It is intended to be as practical, and as enjoyable, as possible, with plenty of case studies for discussion. The 10 weeks available is a limited amount of time to cover such a crucial subject area. You are expected to prepare for the workshops by being familiar with the recommended reading for each session. You will need to extend your reading beyond the recommended text in order to do well in the assignments. We are anxious that the material and its delivery are accessible and relevant. All constructive comments are welcome.



Module Leader:
Dr Tie Xu Senior Lecturer in Operations Management 103 E Reg Vardy Building Sunderland Business School Faculty of Business and Law University of Sunderland Sunderland SR6 0DD Tel: 01915152495 Fax: 01915152308 E-mail: tie.xu@sunderland.ac.uk SBS URL: http://www.sunderland.ac.uk/faculties/bl/staff/tiexu/

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