Operating Systems Design

Topics: Operating system, Cloud computing, Distributed computing Pages: 21 (7023 words) Published: April 20, 2013


Table of Contents

Company Background4
Employee Access4
Data center description (servers, OS)4
Client machines4
Company Communication5
Problems with the Current Information Systems5
Proposed System6
OS Processor and Core8
Benefits from Upgrading to Operating System Utilizing a Multi-Processor9
Steps to Upgrade the Processor and Core9
Requirements Supporting the Upgrade10
Scheduling Algorithm11
In First-Come First-Served Scheduling11
Benefits and Challenges Presented by FCFS12
Round robin scheduling12
Benefits and Challenges Presented by Round Robin Scheduling13
Distributed Computing Environment15
Operating System Concurrency Mechanism15
Grid Computing16
Concurrency control mechanisms in handling communications and synchronization17
OS Security Risks and Mitigation Strategy18
The main areas of the operating system that are evaluated for performing the risk assessment are:20
Prioritization risks in the operating system:21
Risk mitigations for the risks in the operating systems:24
Emerging Technologies and Architecture26
Cloud Computing26
Remote Procedure Call (RPC)27
Object Request Broker (ORB)28
Advantages of Cloud Computing to Jinx29
Advantages of RPCs29
Advantages of using ORB30
How Jinx Will Benefit from these Technologies30

Company Background
Jinx Transport & Logistics Company (JT &LC) was established in the 90s by two brothers commonly known as Jinx Brothers and the company deal in ferry parcel business. The branding Jinx Brothers is specifically chosen to assist with the growth of ferry parcel business within the New York City and its metropolitan area. The increase in the demand for the company’s services makes the management to open other divisions within New York metropolitans. Employee Access

The company has the total number of 200 employees, mostly loaders, drivers and logistic experts stationed at five main divisions within the city. More importantly, each divisional office has three workers positioned at each office and the drivers are dispatched from the head office to assist the business operations. However, the company mainly implements customer’s requisition through phone calls and commercial e-mail services. Data center description (servers, OS)

Jinx Transport & Logistic Company is currently using LAN (Local Area Network) at every office in the New York. Typically, the LANs installed in each office are independent from one another. However, the head office has a server that supports all the ten workstations and the server acts as the company central database storage. The workstations within the company are running on a Microsoft Windows platform and the database is hosted on a Windows NT Server. Client machines

The company is using client machine Pentium IV desktop running on the Microsoft Windows XP, and the company only sends data to the head office via emails. Moreover, the data backup is being done manually and the company employees use the commercial emails as means of communication. Company Communication

The Company Communication mainly through the use of emails. As described earlier, the company is using client machine Pentium IV laptop running on the Microsoft Windows which are connected at individual Company’s LANs via a hub / router or switch board. The internet is provided by the Company’s LANs servers which get the internet connections from the Companies ISP that are shared at the individual LANs through the router. The communication packets are transmitted at the individual LAN’s using round robin scheduling. The Company Communication is also through the main PBAX switch Box where land line telephones are interconnected in the different Company’s...
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