Operating Systems Analysis Paper

Topics: Microsoft Windows, Operating system, Domain Name System Pages: 3 (1010 words) Published: August 29, 2010
Operating Systems Analysis Paper

There are many operating systems that are common on the Internet today. Back when computers could only handle one command at a time, in the 1950's, was very time consuming. Now, about sixty years later, a computer's operating system can handle many applications at one time while delivering speed and is user friendly. Although there are many Operating Systems that are available, there are onle a few of them that are well knon and is commonly used. Some of the most common Operating Systems that are used on the Internet are the Windows platforms such as Windows XP, Sun Solaris, UNIX, Apple, and Linux Apache.

A DNS (Domain Name System) system is what powers the Internet that we use to browse. It is responsible for turning domain names into IP addresses and locating them on a hosting server. However, a DNS server is the physical representation of the DNS system. DNS servers are organized in a hierarchical order that communicate with each other through private network protocols. There are master servers that are commonly known as the root servers. These root servers store the entire database of the donmain names on the Internet and the IP addresses that go with the domain names. The next level of DNS servers, the lower-level, maintains a part of the total database of the domains and IP addresses that are owned by businesses like Insight Communications and Comcast Communications in my area. These are called Internet Service Providers, or ISP's (What is DNS, 2010)

A DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol which facilitates a server to dispence an IP address to a computer from a distinct array of numbers for a network automatically. Using DHCP to dynamically assign an IP address will minimize the conflict of when two computers are configured with the same IP address. When that happens, it creates a clash and the user may lose sevice (What is DHCP, 2010)

Comcast's, my ISP, high speed Internet service will...
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