Operating System Comparison

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  • Published : April 30, 2012
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University of Phoenix


Monday April 9, 2012

Terance Carlson

This paper will discuss three main operating systems, Windows, Linux, and OS X. All three of these operating systems have features which are unique unto themselves. Although there may be arguments as to which one of these three operating systems is better it really all comes down to what features are needed for each user. This paper will describe the features that each of these operating systems has to offer.

First, Microsoft Windows. Microsoft began its dominance in the early 80s by developing DOS also known as disk operating system. This is the first operating system made for a PC. Then came Windows 9X which was later called Windows 95. Then it had its predecessors of Windows 98, millennium edition, and Windows 2000. When Windows 95 came out Microsoft became the leader in operating systems. By 1998 Windows held 82% of the market shares in operating systems ("Windows 9x", n.d.). What made Windows unique at this time was that it introduced the graphical user interface or GUI was a giant leap forward in how users would perceive their desktop experience. As PCs became more popular it became necessary to refine features of the operating system. Concerns about security, networking, and the use of various peripheral devices as well as various programs had to be user-friendly. It was not until Windows XP was released that it was finally very user-friendly to add or remove hardware or to have a higher level of capacity to run various programs on the machine. And then release of Windows XP Microsoft greatly improve the performance, extensibility, portability, and probably one of the biggest ones reliability. It came at a time when consumers were getting tired of the slower and less reliable operating systems that Microsoft had been releasing prior to Windows XP.

Second, Linux. Unlike the Microsoft operating system whose code was securely guarded and never released for the...
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