Operating System

Topics: Operating system, Paging, Virtual memory Pages: 4 (730 words) Published: April 20, 2013
Chapter no| Topic|
1| Introduction, Types , Computer System Overview|
2| Operating System Structure, Components and Functions, Virtual Machine| 3| Process Concept, Operation, Process scheduling, symmetric multi -processing, Cooperating Processes| 4| Thread Concept, Thread Vs Process, IPC ,kernel ,microkernel| 5| Scheduling, Types, Scheduling in batch, interactive and real-time systems (SJN, SJF, FIFO, LJN, round-robin, priority scheduling, and hybrid schemes). | 6| Deadlock: Introduction, Characterization, Handling Deadlocks, Deadlock Prevention, Avoidance, Detection, Recovery.| 7| Memory Management: introduction, logical and physical addresses, swapping, contiguous allocation, paging, segmentations| 8.| Virtual memory: demand paging, performance of demand paging, page replacement and algorithm, allocation of frames, thrashing| 9.| File system Interface: file concept, access method, directory structure, protection, consistency semantics| 10.| I/O system: introduction, I/O devices and its organization, Principles of I/O software and hardware I/o interfaces, Kernel I/O subsystem| 11.| Distributed system structure: introduction, distributed OS, | 12.| Robustness and Design Issue and characteristics|

13| Synchronization in Distributed system|
14| Synchronization in Distributed system contd..|
15| Case study Presentation |

COMP 307: Operating System
(Course Plan – September 2011)
3rd Year 1st Semester
Instructor:| Santosh Khanal|
Course Webpage: http://ku.edu.np/cse/comp307
Students should have a good enoughknowledge different programming language like C, C++ or Java. They also must have a good concept of data structure and algorithm. Course Description:|
This course provides the general overview of operating system. This course discuss how the operating system works in process level, how it manages the resources and provide the system deadlock free. After completing this course...
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