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Listening to an opera is one of the most interesting classical music performances you could see live. This 90 minute opera I seen was played on Tuesday, November 13, 2012 and performed at 8 p.m. The name play was Wozzeck by Alben Burg and performed by the Philharmonic Ocrhestra. At the opera the person who was suppose to be the doctor was ill so Kevin Beurdette took Tijil Faveyls place. The people that attended the concert varied, some people were older and other people were young. The type of class of people that showed up to this concert was not specifically seen because most of the people that did show where dressed formal-casual. This concert had no special occasion to it but besides the fact that it was a mandatory class meeting at the Disney Concert Hall. The opera had a full orchestra. During this opera performance none of the actors had costumes on nor was the stage set up for an acting show. The scenes performed were all up to the actors; they memorized the play and then improvised their acting on set. The Doctor acted by Burdette had to really improvise his part. Every time he came out in a scene he carried the script with him out on stage. This opera was in German and there were surr-titles instead of subtitles. The audience laughed during the opera and they were to have a sense of relationship with play. Since it was a play the audience only applauded when the opera was over.

The play Wozzeck was a play that not finished by Georg Buchner and Alban Berg finished his play. This play is set back in World War I. It is a story about soldier “Wozzeck” who is in love with a prostitute and she is the mother of his son. Wozzeck is not able to meet her needs financially, so he takes part in the doctor’s experiment. The experiments start to make him hallucinate and hear thing. On the mean while his wife is having an affair with a drum major and plans to be with him. Wozzeck becomes suspicious of her and then doctor and captain tempt Wozzeck to do something...
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