Opera Critique Rigoletto

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Opera Critique


The Metropolitan Opera House at Lincoln Center is home for the world’s most creative

and talented artists working in opera. Upon entering the building, the vicinity at Lincoln Center

is unique and elegant. Approaching the Metropolitan Opera, a stylish and well-structured water

fountain full of water is gushing while the off-white marble floor allures the visitor to the

building. Entering the building, the glamorous and sophisticated snowflake-like chandeliers and

winding staircase gives the visitor a welcoming feel. Before sitting, the visitor will notice the red

carpets and the particular set-up of the theater. As the seats are elevated upward, there are sound

cushions to promote a higher quality sound on the side balconies. What felt very informative

were the captions in front of the seats, that also were available in other languages, to understand

the singers.

Guiseppe Verdi’s Rigoletto was written between 1850 and 1851. When the stage is first

viewed, it is evident the time frame Verdi had written in. Rigoletto, played by George Gagnidze,

is a hunch-baked jester that acts out the part very well. Costumes in the play were very detail-

oriented and focused primarily on the way individuals dressed in the 19th century. The stage

settings were altered according to Act, which represented very hard work and skill. During Act

II, Gilda played by Christine Schafer, and Rigoletto join together in a duet that explains the

courtship and Gilda’s abduction. The costumes, although could not be seen up close, were

elegant for the time period. Rigoletto is dressed during this Act in a white, somewhat formal

shirt beneath his regular vest – which was a dark brown, along with white tights underneath knee

length shorts. As opposed to how individuals dressed today, it seemed outlandish but well-


The opera...
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