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Opera Paper Assignment
2. In Verdi’s opera La Traviata, Alfred is the character represents the view of society. Alfredo was crazy in love with Violetta for a long time. While she was ill, he came to her house every day. Alfredo admitted his love to Violetta but she rejected him at first. She makes light of his declaration, she tell him that wants pleasure but not love. Violetta didn’t think that Alfredo’s love meant anything to her and that she needs freedom to live her life. Some months have passed since Violetta met Alfredo. She finally accepted his love for her because she had to the desire for true love and she wished to abandon her old lifestyle.

3. Richard Gere takes Julia Roberts to see the opera, La Traviata. La Traviata is about a prostitute falling in love with a very wealthy man. It was not a coincidence that Richard took Julia to see the opera because the same theme is used in the film, Pretty Woman. In the movie a wealthy businessman hires a prostitute to be his escort for business and social functions. But, they end up working on and developing their relationship.

4. Verdi’s heroine goes by the name of Violetta. She meets fate similar to the women she is modeled after. That woman was known for wearing camellias everywhere and died at a very young age from tuberculosis. What this tells us about the mid-19th century societal attitudes about the heroine’s character is that as a prostitute, one could not become the wife of a respectable man without ruining his and his families reputation.
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