Oper 7383 Final Exam

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  • Published : April 9, 2013
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Final for OPER 7383

Read the article Saving the planet: A tale of two strategies.

From this article:
1. How can Solow’s and/or Malthus’ view(s) help supply chains become more sustainable? a. If you feel that only one of these views is correct, that is fine as well. Both arguments hold water. Malthus believed that at the rate at which natural resources are depleting, if not controlled, the world would hit a wall which maybe in the form of a natural disaster, famine, death etc. He preached more on conservation and the need for preserve the resources that are available now by reducing innovations and growth that have a direct relationship with the depletion of natural resources. Malthus argues that a good citizen should be concerned with reducing, reusing and recycling. Good corporations try as much as possible to slow down and conserve natural resources to avoid depleting or creating negative externalities such as pollution, carbon dioxide and wastes. Robert Solow had a different perspective. He believed that technology and innovations can be the most powerful drivers of productivity. According to him, for a society to push back the effect of clashing into the wall, they would have to continue to invent and employ new innovations to grow. The article gave some examples of how one innovation was useful in other fields e.g. transistors, cell phones etc. For supply chains to become more sustainable, I would not be able to categorically state they should lean more towards Malthus and conserve the natural resources or adopt the Solow methodology and continue to innovate even at the expense of the natural resources. The key word here is finding a balance. That balance according to the text has been somewhat difficult to strike. The truth is that it’s impossible to serve two masters at the same time. Companies would have to analyze their goals and objectives and based on that, lean towards where they think its right. If I was in a position where are...
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