Opening a Negotiation

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Opening a Negotiation

By | November 2010
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According to Hofstedts is a collective programing of the mind that distinguĂ­s members of one category of people to another . 1. Communication: All cultures comunĂ­cate in verbal and non verbal , some are curious , Japanese are very non verbal , you have to understand. 2. Languages: uses labels to convey meanings. These laberls may not mean the same things for all the people. When that happens languages become very confusing. 3. Dress and Appearance: Are use to identify a culture, however globalization and media have Blur this definitions 4. Food and feeding: What you eat, what time?

5. Time: Monochronic, polichronic
6. Rewards and Recognition
7. Relationships: Relationship between men and women, family, religion very Sorong bond. 8. Values and norms: Attitudes things you do.
9. Sense of self and space: Sense of individual identity stronger in some cultures than is in others 10. Mental processes and learning: There are some cultures that value education more than else , stereotypes, ( all Black people are theafs) 11. Beliefs and Attitudes: traditions, history , and your environment

Geert Hofstedt
Contribuyion: Model for understanding Cultural Differences
Dimensons of Geert`s Model
1. Power Distance: According of Hofstedt is a way to measurement how confortable different cultures are with the distance between the porwefull and the less powerfull and those in charge and not in charge. HIGH POWER : Superiors are inaccesible to people , everyone have the right place, everyone is equal People with power have special Priviledges that no one have. Coflict normal.

LOW POWER : Superiors are accesible.
Inequality should be minimized.
Everyone should have the same Rights, we are all equal Harmony everything is cool, between those Money and power is aceptable.

2. Masculune V. Feminine
3. Uncertainty ( Risk Avoidance)

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