Opening a Coffee Shop

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This paper focuses on presenting the steps for starting a coffee shop and ensuring its successful functioning. The paper presents an analysis of the target segment of customers and the coffee shop's specific features, continuing with the project's objectives. The paper sets few recommendations aiming at presenting ideas that will ensure the coffee shop's success in the medium term and long term. The results were positive, which means that opening a coffee shop with library will probably be a good idea and will be a good business investment.

Table of Contents
1. Introduction4
2. Methods7
2.1. Survey7
2.1.1. Group of people who filled the survey7
2.1.2. What kind of questions we asked7
2.2. Results of the survey8
3. Organization of coffee shop with library13
3.1. Location and interior13
3.2. Offer13
3.3. Marketing14
4. Conclusion15
5. Appendix16
5.1. Survey16
6. References19

1. Introduction
The Ottoman chronicler İbrahim Peçevi reports the opening of the first coffeehouse in Istanbul: „Until the year 962 [1555], in the High, God-Guarded city of Constantinople, as well ¸as in Ottoman lands generally, coffee and coffee-houses did not exist. About that year, a fellow called Hakam from Aleppo and a wag called Shams from Damascus came to the city; they each opened a large shop in the district called Tahtakale, and began to purvey coffee.“ In the 16th century, they used to go to their coffeehouses to debate about policy, but women and Muslims could not go in there, so they opened in Cairo the second coffee shop after Mecca. In the 17th century, the first one was opened in Western Europe in the Austro Hungarian Empire, and after that in Oxford. How the time passed, they opened more and more coffeehouses and they became the most popular meeting places for younger and older populations. We want to create a place which consists of the old tradition of meeting people mixed with beauty of knowledge of the 21th century. Opening a place where you can enjoy many different types of coffee and at the same time use Internet, books, magazines and other literature would be a great idea. As young people and future leaders, we know that that type of place is missing in our area. At the time, you cannot find a place on the market, except a typical cafe where you can spend your time with your friends after school to work on a project and have all the necessary sources to do it or just to hang out with them and take a snack. It would be also a great place for you and your business partners to have a serious conversation in a good atmosphere with a great meal. In every place, there is a cafe where you can drink coffee, but the main idea of this project is to create a gathering place where the population of all age generations will meet. Our offer is not typical for an ordinary coffee shop. We provide enjoying in many types of coffee coming from the world's most famous plantations; hot drinks that will warm your children, friends and yourselves in the cold winters and refreshing drinks for hot summer days. Beside a large range of hot and cold beverages, we also offer delicious and freshly prepared food that is not typical for this area, but has become very popular. According to product quality, the whole place is specially designed. The design is a combination of modern architecture with a typical English library. Each place contains a library with books covering all genres of literature that you can read during your stay there. It also contains computers with wireless internet access that can be used for free, and a large number of daily, weekly and monthly newspapers and magazines. The place is perfect for enjoying in company of your friends, business meetings or simply relaxing alone with a cup of excellent coffee. Our competition would be all cafès in Zagreb, but still none of them offers the things we do. Looking at the offer and interior, we are much...
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