Opening Statement for State V. John Hudson and Dale Buckner

Topics: Crime, Theft, Murder Pages: 3 (1201 words) Published: November 27, 2012
Case #1
State v. John Hudson and Dale Buckner
(Charged with murder and attempted robbery)
Good Afternoon Ladies and Gentleman…Todays trial will be on Felony Murder and Attempted Robbery. John Hudson and Dale Buckner are murderers. And the evidence of this case will show, that they have undoubtedly committed the crimes brought upon them and should be punished to the fullest extent of the law. In accordance to the Penal Law, Murder in the first degree is defined “With intent to cause the death of another person, he causes the death of such person… the victim was killed while the defendant was in the course of committing / attempting to commit in furtherance of robbery [or other such felonies.]{§125.27(1)(a)(vii)}” This is also known as Felony Murder. Robbery is also defined as forcible stealing. On February 14th 2011 in a small clothing store owned and managed by Sidney and Sara Lazar, a very heinous crime was committed. Two average looking men wearing black leather jackets entered the store at approximately 3:15 pm, later to be “proven” to be John Hudson and Dale Buckner. When approaching the counter with a .38 revolver in hand, the defendant demanded all of the money from the register. As the other man stood point at the entrance to the store. Mrs. Lazar let out a scream, produced from shear fear for her life. In doing so, Dale Bruckner responded “Shut her up Johnny” which resulted in Mrs. Lazar being brutally shot in the head, dreadfully causing death on impact. Soon after the gun went off, the two men fled the store and took off in a black Cadillac sedan. This left a deceased woman and her innocent husband at the scene of the crime in a pool of blood. Five minutes later Officer Reilly arrived on the scene and accessed the situation. With diligent research and a thorough investigation, the arrest of the defendants was reinforced by the owner ship of a .38 caliber pistol, a newly registered black Cadillac Sedan as well as a previous criminal record from...
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