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Topics: Qur'an, Al-Fatiha, Sura Pages: 8 (2614 words) Published: March 10, 2012
Alhamdulillah, we are grateful to the Almighty for it with his permission we are able to extend life together and met in the ceremony. PTA General Meeting to-37 time. Perhaps they are more than 37 schools. At first, I received a call from Mr. President to speak in the PTA and was quite surprised as well. I say what? What do you usually opening speech made by elected representatives or representatives of the District Education Office.

If representatives of the people, then he will leave the promise of opening, if not indecent thousand dollars, maybe two thousand or three thousand if not 10,000. If I, I miss? Perhaps a good rule, too, recalls the former students of this school for the opening. Felt a little nervous too, it's known in my presence is promoted brother sister, parents, uncles aunts, as well as younger age and rank. Some may have class with me here first.

Thank you for the opportunity given to me to return to school I have lived since 1975. At that time the school is still the zinc roof of wood or board, wire mesh windows already. The main building schools even now was still in the early stages of construction, piling and pile of mangrove wood. But now I have all sorts. These schools often see when coming home ziatah uncle on the other side, Che Sahri.

I'm not sure how many of the teachers who taught me that when there's more. Last time My late teacher Teachers are among the other Johari and Ms Supanji, Zaini teacher and headmaster was surprised that the First Adam Ckgu there's more. God has extended his life. Infinite thanks for their help and guidance, may in response by Allah rewarded.

I'm of the school between 1970 and 1975, from primary one to six. During school, if not number one, number two. Only once could the number three. The selau number one is the opening Osman Warijo PTA meeting last year. Always fighting with him. I remember this because I always thought the story and my children as a stimulant. The report card was still there as proof.

JAP first UPSR, but Standard Five Assessment Examination. Examination time Primary 5 in 1974 I got the results of 3A and the opportunity to fully residential schools, SM Science in Kluang Johor. Posted on Pt Kadir can number one or two, but in SM Sains Johor will number many. But Dr Osman he maintain. 1980 SPM last year, I got the Matriculation Class at SM Science UKM Malacca (now BC Muzaffar Shah), then enter UKM Bangi. In UKM I majored in Computer Science, which is a very new field at that time. I began to want to take Your doctor, but the results did not qualify.

Graduating in 1986, but the coincidence of time and economic crisis that could not find employment. Often times if I had four years of Computer Science, available meenunggu position in government. Several years working as a teacher while in the state of the Computer and Computer Unit Officer PWD Office of. It has also been some time out to sea so 'fishing' with her father-in-law.

In 1989 just had a regular job as Information Systems Officer in the Ministry of Education Computer Division and served in the Malaysian Examination Board. This time I used to follow the development of Pt SK UPSRnya Kadir through examination results, Kg Some people often call me to ask for early decision, whether UPSR, PMR or SPM.

In 2003 I moved to attempt the Part Information Technology RTD up to now. First office in Kuala Lumpur, then moved to Cyberjaya in December 2009. If before, I stayed at the Saujana Utama Sungai Buloh, Selangor, I was forced to move into government quarters in Putrajaya from June 2009 until now. If there is to target up to Putrajaya, it can be if you want menyinggah.

While at the Saujana Utama Sungai Buloh, I was heavily involved in community activities. Among the Prayer Chairman, Chairman of the school itself. In fact I was with friends and local residents, building successful Prayer and Religious School donated by the public. This time my face a few times in TV. I suppose some...
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