Open vs Closed Sources

Topics: Source code, Free software, Proprietary software Pages: 2 (734 words) Published: May 14, 2013
Open/Closed Source
There have been many issues when it comes to discussing and open vs. closed source in operating systems. Many argue their differences and developers try to pin point the flaws and advantages of each. I will analyze and inform the pros and cons of open vs. closed sources in an operating system. There are many types of different open and closed sources. With that many issues arrive such as money, usability and security of the software. First let’s start by defining the terms open and closed source. According to Britannica online encyclopedia Open source is defined as an “Unrestricted (Open) sharing of Information” (Britannica). This means the source code of software is open and available to the public. Anyone can view and modify it to enhance its performance. This is greatly an advantage for open source software because programmers all around the world have access to it. This means that they can enhance the program at a faster rate do to it availability. Examples of an open source are, Apache HTTP Server (Web Server), Mozilla (web browser and email client). The most known open source software is known as Linux. A closed source is defined as “proprietary software development and only the object code is published” (Britannica). Many restrictions are put on a closed source. The source code is kept secret to the public. Only the programmers that have access to the software can make modifications to the software. This is a disadvantage for people because anyone buying their program is stuck with what they get. People are at the feet of the companies providing the software. Examples of closed source software include Lime Wire, Norton Antivirus, and the most know Microsoft Windows. Money is one of the most basic issues that concern any company. When it comes to open and closed sources in an operating systems, money will definitely be a playing factor. First open source software is free of charge. This...
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