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New Product Launch: Enterprise Connect
Enterprise Connect’s main strength is its user-friendly, windows based interface, which allows user to seamlessly perform all document management activities, with only minimal training required. This simple and easy to use windows interface enviroment is fully integrating with Microsoft windows explorer, Word, Powerpoint and Outlook. Open Text has spent a lot of time and money patenting this interface as it the critical value-added selling point that differentiates Enterprise Connect from its competitors. Enterprise Connect is also integrated with Oracle, as it builds solutions on the Oracle Content Database structure. This allows for customers who already have an Oracle database, which is one of the most popular databases used in the world today, to fortify existing investment. As well Enterprise Connect is deeply integrated with SAP as Open Text has shared two-decades of partnerships can co-development with SAP, which is one of the most widely used ERP systems today. Competitive Analysis

Market Leaders
3)Open Text
Primarly Competitors:
1) IBM (Founded:1910, Size: 386,558, Location: 1 New Orchard Road Armonk, NY 10504): Strength: In 2007, IBM was the largest ECM vendor based on revenue. Their ECM solution, FileNet, is a well integrated, fully flexible ECM solution. IBM will be able to successfully sell FileNet through its extensive partner service channel and current leading positions in key vertical markets including its traditional financial services, insurance, banking and government markets.

Weakness: However, IBM has two content management solutions, DB2 and FileNet and questions are beginning to arise as to whether IBM will be able to fully integrate them into a single, simply to use solution. As well, although FileNet does have strong integration, it is still not fully integrated with all of IBM’s software solutions creating havoc for current IBM customers.

2) EMC...
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