Open Source Software

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The open source software filling with innovation and vitality

1. Introduction

With computer’s development, the software of the computer is more powerful. The software can be divided into two parts which are free and fee-based, and also can be classified with the closed software and the open source software. In order to understand the features of the open source software, and know the reason why the software can be filled with vitality and innovation, which attract a lot of technicists devoting themselves. This paper will give a deep analysis of the open source software in nearly all ranks. This essay mainly includes four parts. Firstly, giving an introduction to the definition of the open innovation and the open source movement and what is the Linux and the history and development of the Linux. Secondly, enumerating some wide use of the open source softwares and taking Linux for example to analyze strengths of open and innovation source software. Thirdly, the author will discuss the challenges and the future of the open source and innovation software. Finally, the author makes a conclusion for the value of the open source and the open innovation. After reading this essay, it’s my target to make you have a better and deep understanding of the concept of open source and open innovation, attempt to make use of the open source software such as Linux operating system, realize the great value of the open source and open innovation, and also be aware of some challenges of the open source and open innovation as well as its future.

2. Open innovation,open source,history of Unix and Linux

Henry Chesbrough who is a professor and executive director create the term of open innovation, in his book Open Innovation: The new imperative for creating and profiting from technology, though the idea and discussion about some consequences (especially the inter firm cooperation in R&D) date as far back as the 60s

(Chesbrough, 2003). With the development of technology and knowledge, new creation of the products begins to face challenges. In order to create new value, we must established extensive connection with the outside world widely, realize the complementary advantages in the knowledge dissemination and sharing to speed up inner innovation. In software, for example, companies such as SAP and Microsoft have started to build research labs on university all over the world to improve the integration of outside-in innovation to create new commercial benefit. Even Apple that is so strong no matter from any ways had to open up its proprietary technology to appeal to the high-tech users. There are some outstanding examples in the electronic industry which are Philips' open innovation park, Xerox's Palo Alto Research Center, Siemens' open innovation program and IBM's open source initiatives. Today, open innovation has been driven by many computer software suppliers on a strategic level. Nowdays the open source software that needs more creative can appeal to people to use. Due to open innovation, we can concentrate the inner and outer power on developing the creation or innovation.

The open source movement is a profound movement of individuals who support the use of open source licenses for some or all software. Open source software is made available for anybody to use or modify, as its source code is made available. Some open-source software is based on a share-alike principle, whereby users are free to pass on the software subject to the rule that any enhancements or changes are just as freely available to the public, while other open-source projects may be freely incorporated into any derivative work, open-source or proprietary(Eu.conecta, 2011) .

The open source software allows users to use some or even all software by giving them authorization. What is more, sometimes, the source code is also available to users. That makes it possible for users to read and modify the source code. Usually, any individual can changes and...
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