Open Source Software

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  • Published : November 4, 2007
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Open Source Software
Through the years, technology has allowed many aspects of our lives to be enhanced and our standard of living increased. The creation of the computer, cell phone, internet and interactive software have caused the world to become more globalized and for information to become more accessible to the general public. As with any type of evolution, the standards of all technologies have been raised to accommodate our new needs for information and data processing. Open source software (OSS) is simply one of these evolutions. Through researching OSS, there are many pros and cons; many people and businesses who think it is the best form of software, and there are others who completely disagree with all that open source software has to offer. This paper discusses these pros and cons, positives and negatives if you will, of the social implications of OSS. Open source software is a type of software that can be altered under peer review and is transparent in its process. The following is a list of OSS and a list of proprietary software.

Open Source Software
Mozilla Firefox
Sun Microsystems
Proprietary Software
Microsoft Windows
Absolute Banner Manager

In order to be considered open source, there must be certain criteria met. These criteria include the following: oFree Redistribution
oInclusion of the Source Code
oDerived Works
oIntegrity of the Author's Source Code
oNo Discrimination Against Persons or Groups
oNo Discrimination Against Fields of Endeavor
oDistribution of License
oLicense Must Not be Specific to a Product
oLicense Must Not Contaminate Other Software

The first of the many issues of OSS include cost. This topic is one that the activists use to promote OSS, and there isn't much in the way of argument in the fact that OSS is cheaper; mainly because it doesn't have to be free, but most programs are . Although most of this software is free, some users...
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