Open Source Paper

Topics: Open source, Computer program, Free software Pages: 1 (349 words) Published: December 2, 2012
Shirley van Dijk
CIS 100
Open source Software paper
What is open source software?
Open source software is software that can be used, changed, and improved and moved freely. It is released under OSI which stands for Open source initiative. When people think about open source software we think about the software the free trials that are done after 30 days and then you have to pay for it. But this is not what open source software means. Open source software refers to programs where the code which makes the software is available to everyone. Linux is a form of Open source software. It is one of the most prominent examples of open source software. For an open source software to be free it must be allowed these four points. (Opensourceschools) * The freedom to run the software for any purpose.

* The freedom to study and modify the software.
* The freedom to copy the software.
* The freedom to improve the software.
What are the advantages of open source software?
The biggest advantage of open source software is that there are no restrictions and that it is available for free. People can install open source software as many times as they want on any computer they want. This is good for students because we all know that students do not have too much money. There is another big advantage to open source software is that it does not lock in. This means that the program will not go against other programs. A lot of programs do this so that individuals will stick with one software they already have. Open source software has a big advantage over Microsoft because the Microsoft software can be used as a trial period and in order to continue using it after a while you would have to pay for it. I think that open source software is very handy, especially for students. I’m a student myself and if there is anything that I need and can use for free. I haven’t found many disadvantages to open source software....
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