Open High School Program Under the Education Service Contracting Scheme

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Open High School Program Under the Education Service Contracting Scheme

Published/Updated on: 04-May-2012


1. Independent Learning Readiness Assessment

Learners who wish to participate in the Open High School Program shall take the Independent Learning Readiness Assessment to be administered by the school, the results of which shall be the basis for placing them in the appropriate learning mode: a. Learners, who are not yet ready for independent learning, are placed in the transition program which will provide a bridging curriculum focused on the development of the learning-to-learn skills. The program is school-based, teacher-guided, and is self-paced. There is no definite time period required for completing this program. As soon as learners who are placed under the guidance of the teacher have acquired adequate mastery of the learning-to-learn skills, then they can move to the next level.

b. When the learners are assessed to be almost ready for independent learning, then they may be placed in the blended learning program when undertaking the required curriculum. This is a combination of school-based, face-to-face learning and distance learning or home schooling. This means that learners may be in school for lessons that require guided learning if the teacher feels that learners need direct supervision in accomplishing the tasks. Home schooling is allowed for lessons that the teacher feels learners can already do on their own. The option for blended learning may also be extended to learners who have been assessed to be ready for full independent learning but who may prefer this learning mode.

c. Learners who are ready for independent learning may do the entire curriculum on their own, or be home-schooled, with the option to seek teacher's guidance or help from experts or resource persons in the community. There are learners who may not just be able...
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