Open Ended Questions For Bud not Buddy

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  • Published : October 28, 2013
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Summer Reading – Bud Not Buddy
By: Kritika Sharma

1. In the book, Bud and Jerry are moved to a temporary house. Why does Bud believe it is better to live with three girls against, one older boy? Explain you reasoning. 2. Bud realizes that the Amos had gone through his suitcase. How could he say that they went through his suitcase and do you believe it was okay for them to do that because they were helping him out and providing shelter? Explain you reasoning. 3. What made Bud, think that the Amos where mean but not thieves? Do you think his assumption was correct and would you have said the same about them? 4. What advice did Bud’s mother give him? When in the book was that advice true? 5. What did Bud think was the softest thing he ever touched? What does that show us about the class he lives in? 6. Why must it have been a really bad situation if Mr. Calloway was crying and why did Mr. Calloway rock? What does that show the reader about the connection between the father and the daughter? 7. Give an example from the book, where Bud uses one of his own rules to having a funnier life. How does the rule he creates help him in general and in which way does it help him, in a certain scenario? 8. Did you like the ending of the book? Do you think it was a good way to end all the suspense about Herman E. Calloway? If so explain why, and if not how would you change the ending? 9. Some characteristics to describe Bud are brave, smart, and curious. How does Bud live up to those characteristics and in which was does he show them in the book? 10. Would you recommend this book to anybody else? If so, what did you like about the book? If not, what didn’t you enjoy?
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