Open Composition

Topics: Friendship, Interpersonal relationship, Virtue Pages: 1 (385 words) Published: March 18, 2011
In our lives,we come across many people.We see new faces everyday.Many of them remain anonymous,some may be acquaintances and some become our friends.Friends come and go throughout our lives and each friendship is unique relationship.Some friends are a joy to be with while others may bore us. There are many types of friends.Some are fair weather friends who remain with us in good times but who desert us at the first sign or trouble.There are friends who just use you.True friends who stand by us through good times and bad are hard to come by. What makes a good friend?In the words of Henry Ford,"My best friend is the one who brings uout the best in me".True friends are people who help you to develoup.While they accommodate our faults,they must praise our virtues and tell us when we are wrong. A good friend is someone who is loyal,honest,patient and dependable.They are people whom we can talk to about any topic.There should be no secrets among good friends.Friends should be fun to be with.They should be there to share our good times and cheer us when we are depressed. We should be careful when we choose our friends.Friend who praise us when we are round,but critize us behind our backs are hypocrites.Similarly,friends who only come looking for us when they need us are not true friends. A true friend is someone whom we can rely on,someone whom we can trust with our intimate secrets,someone who gives us good counsel when we are at the crossroads of our lives and someone whom we can turn to in our time of need.As the saying goes,'A friend in need is a friend indeed'. 'No man is an island'.We all need friends.A man without friends is a lonely man.We need friends whom we can confide in and share our problems with.Sometimes it is easier to talk to a friend then with a member of family or a close relative.Such is the bond of friendship. Friends should be treated with respect and love.We should never take our friends for granted.Without friends,our lives...
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