Open Communication Culture

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  • Published: December 10, 2012
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An Open Communication Culture: Cisco Systems, Inc.

To distinguish the way in which different leadership style will affect Cisco systems – group communication. A management definition from our text book state, Robbins & Judge (2011) Good management brings about order and consistency by drawing up formal plans, designing rigid organization structures, and monitoring results against the plans” (p. 376). Cisco’s management defines as business strategy a balance between development and efficiency, thus organizational culture programs. A leadership is define, Robbins & Judge (2011) “leadership as the ability to influence a group toward the achievement of a vision or set of goals” (p. 376). Leader is encouraging to collaborate as team player, and also leadership strategy is one of the importance features from Cisco’s Development Philosophy to outline their educational leaderships. Leaders and management clarify their vision from a basically productive oriented organization to a solution oriented organization. Cisco Systems, Inc. is an open communication culture, along with implementation strategy for the next generation. Leonard Bosack and Sandy Lerner were married, and both were academics at Stanford University. Their needs of communication let them to create a translator to link two different operating systems. There were many challenges for Cisco Systems to develop an organization to grow in as a technology leader in hardware and software for routing corporative networks. For the years 1995-2000, Cisco’s greatly grow 53 percent annually to barely, Cisco’s challenge was created a new leaders or replacement leaders for next generation, and build leaders no just buy it by acquire new business. Build a new leader generation was their major challenged to support an open cultural communication. Cisco’s success was located as they own technology turns obsolete, and always looks for customer satisfaction (Chatman & Chang, 2005, 143). The development of leadership at Cisco Systems emphasize to learn new ways of been productive to improve process while the company and employee’s growth. Cisco’s head recognize its teamwork needs, so group effort becomes one if its business key. Cisco’s strategy was created a culture where o build a talent was more important than to buy it; therefore, Cisco understand that to accomplish this strategy some changes has to be made it as: 1) Develop talent by using expertise, exposure, and education. 2) A holistic view to develop learning. 3) Improve teamwork and collaboration performance (Cisco Systems, 2007, p.54). Those programs improve Cisco’s organizational behavior as a final product, so improving leadership was way build up the Cisco Leadership series. Complex business management are generating trouble to keep creating innovation on the market, so educational strategy is a solution for Cisco Systems to remain competitive. Their holistic sketch has a success: 1) Avid business sponsor. 2) Motive and innovation with highly standards. 3) Well define business strategy. 4) Achievement outcomes (Neal, 2007, p.112). If we see behavioral theories to define leadership behaviors and their approaches to a behavioral theories that state, Robbins & Judge (2011) “Initiating structure is the extent to which a leader is likely to define and structure his or her role and those of employees in the search for goal attainment. It includes behavior that attempts to organize work, work relationships, and goals”(p.380) and Robbins & Judge (2011) “Consideration is the extent to which a person’s job relationships are characterized by mutual trust, respect for employees’ ideas, and regard for their feelings” (p.380).

A Holistic leadership is customer oriented that approach expectation with flexibility and quality. John Chamber of Cisco Systems consider that holistic leaders are able to use the fourth leadership styles measuring achieve goals. A key success for this holistic leader is to have the skills to...
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