Open Campus Policy

Topics: Automobile, High school, Parking lot Pages: 2 (760 words) Published: September 3, 2010
Open campus policy at my high school was a positive factor that made my senior year more enjoyable. Open campus meant that as a senior with good grades and insurance along with my driver license, I had the privilege to park on school grounds and was allowed to leave school grounds for lunch. I had worked at a hamburger stand and saved my money for my first car. I wanted to be able to drive my car to school and the open campus policy provided me with an incentive to maintain a job along with my school studies. I wanted to be able to take my girl friend to the school dances in my car. I had to work to be able to afford a car and a girlfriend. This emotional lesson of work for what you want has been with me my whole life. If I have work for something, then I own it and I can take pride in my accomplishments. Open campus was beneficial to local food service business to cater to students for the lunch needs. A hot lunch along with the social hour was a nice break at mid day. It was also an opportunity to go home and get the forgotten books or home work assignment. The school cafeteria also benefited by not having such a demand on their facilities for lunch. This open campus policy allowed me as a senior to bring my car in to the auto body shop once a week and do any needed repairs. I took great pride in showing off my car to fellow students. This policy set high goals for the under classmen to strive to achieve. The rules for this privilege were to maintain good grades, no tickets for speeding, no wrongful parking, and no excessive noise. It was very plain what was required for the privilege of having my car on campus. Along with the open campus policy the administration had to install and maintain a security system. The office of security consisted of chief of security, who had direct access to local law officers, and two guards. The guards alternated shifts and used a golf cart to cover both parking lots on campus. They carried walkie talkies and a duty belt and...
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