Open Campus

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Open campus

Are you sick of the same lunch everyday? Or do you need to run home and grab something you had forgotten earlier that morning? If you answered, "Yes," then you'll most likely agree with me. Students should be able to leave campus during lunch. The same lunch every single day is going to get old, like it or not. Therefore, if students are able to leave campus during the lunch hour, they will be able to have a little more variety. Then you could go to ‘Subway' or ‘Jack in the Box,' depending on what you feel like. If you eat the same thing over and over, you're not going to look forward to lunch, which you definitely should because it's a little break from school. Instead, you'll be thinking, "Great. Pizza again. I can't wait."

What if you forgot an important English essay that is worth a big chunk of your grade and it's due? If students aren't allowed to leave campus at lunch, how are they supposed to get that important paper? You could call a parent, but then they would get mad at you for making them take time out of their busy schedule to bring your silly little paper to you. It would be much easier to run home, grab your paper, or whatever, pick up some lunch, and get back to school without a parent being angry with you, leaving everyone happy in the process. You've got your paper and your lunch. Am I right?

Besides, the cafeteria is much too small to accommodate sixteen hundred students and there is not enough time to get sixteen hundred students their lunch unless the lunch hour was lengthened. That's enough reason to keep campus open at lunch. There is no way that many students are going to fit into our little cafeteria and have time to stand in line waiting for their food. They would have to nearly double the lunch hour because nearly half the students leave cam.

pus at lunch.
In conclusion, I think closing campus at lunch would be rather insane. Yes, insane. The cafeteria would be hectic,...
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