Open Boat

Topics: Stephen Crane, Naturalism, The Open Boat Pages: 4 (1466 words) Published: December 5, 2012

An Uncertain Universe

AML 2020

By: Steven Price


Naturalistic literature was used by popular authors between the 1880’s and early 1940’s. Naturalistic literature was a great tool used to show the distinct role that environment can play on humans mentally and physically. Naturalistic literature can be broken down in few different areas: How nature affects human (man vs. nature), how it shows people there is no order in the universe, that nature is not only cruel but indifferent, and how society deals with these issues. In most situations this struggle with nature’s cruelty can make humans search for their reason to live. Throughout history there has been many great naturalistic literature examples like: Eugene O‘Neil “The Hairy ape”, Jack London’s “To build a Fire” or Stephan Cranes “The Open boat.” These examples express in great detail that humans struggling either against nature or social issues shape their lives. In Stephen Cranes "The Open Boat" there many examples of naturalism and the characters fighting against nature to survive. Stephen Crane uses all different Naturalistic characteristics to bring his story to life. This particular story is a great example of Man Vs. Nature because of its dangerous setting. The “The Open boat” takes place on the Atlantic Ocean after the S.S Commodore sank off the coast of Florida. The S.S Commodore was an ammunitions ship on its way to Cuba, in the late 1890s. This incident was a first-hand experience by writer and journalist Stephen Crane. Stephen Crane shows examples of man looking for signs in nature to belong and how the universe has no structure. It illustrates how the crew had no place battling against nature. In this Short story the author illustrates first hand experiences of four crew members and their journey to survive. The first example of literature naturalism in Stephen Cranes “the open boat” happens in the opening paragraph describing the...
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