Open and Closed Source Systems

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  • Published : March 31, 2013
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Open and Closed Source System
POS 355

Open Source Operating Systems
The following paper will discuss open source and closed source computer systems that are used in today’s technology world. These systems are available with licensing rights as well as with the source coding available for use.

Computer software that is available with the source coding for redistribution is known as Open Source Software (OSS). The computer software source code contains all of the modifications and the works needed for redistribution. The licensing of the open source software allows the users to learn more about the software by upgrading, modifying, and making any necessary changes to the software without costing the user any money. The open source software also provides the user the ability to share out the software without any costs being involved.

Currently there is variety of open source software available for users in the technology environments. These categories of software are but not limited to server software, operating systems, application software, and programming language software. There are many items under each category of software. For example, application software contains web browsers such as Mozilla Firefox, Office Suite for office applications, and 7-zip for decompressing zip files. Some operating systems that are included are Linux and Android OS. Closed Source Operating Systems

In today’s technology environments, there are types of software that restrict the user’s ability to broaden the software use in many different environments. Closed source software is also known as propriety software. This software is only available without the source code and is licensed under limited rights, which is provided only by the copyright owner of the software. The purchaser of the closed source software is authorized to use the software without the ability to modify, upgrade, update, or make any necessary changes while utilizing software. The propriety...
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