Open and Closed Source Systems

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  • Published : December 30, 2012
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An operating system is a considered a set of programs that schedule tasks, assign storage and presenting an interface to the user. There are many operating systems to choose from. Some are created for personal use, some for business use, and some can be used for both. One of the biggest differences is whether the operating system is open source or closed source. Operating systems are created with programming code. Programmers are responsible for writing the source code, which is compiled into executable code. This executable code is what creates the product ran on computers. An open source system is a system in which the source code is visible. A closed source system keeps the source code hidden.

System Differences

There are more differences than visible code between open and closed source systems. One of the differences includes closed source operating systems usually developed by corporations and maintained by people within the organization, whereas large communities often develop open source systems. Open source systems are usually updated more frequently than closed source systems because code that is visible in an open source system allows users to identify bugs and even fix them. In the case of exploits, users of a closed source system must wait for the company to release a patch. This process can be time consuming. Exploits can also occur in an open source system. However, in an open source system, it is possible that the exploit can be found and remedied faster than in a closed system because of the visible coding. Costs are another difference between the two systems. In a closed source system, there is not only the cost of the operating system but also any add-ons the user desires. In an open source system, there are many free add-ons available under the GNU public license. There is a variety of options for open source operating systems. The open operating systems are used in desktop, server and mobile device applications. Open source systems are...
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