Opd Organizations Planning and Design

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  • Published : August 26, 2010
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ODC Quiz 3
Max Marks: 15
Max time: 12 mins

1. The orientation period at MDI can be termed as ____________, or the process by which members learn and internalize the values and norms of MDI’s culture. a. Instrumental values
b. Centralization
c. Differentiation
d. Socialization

2. A newly hired sales trainee is encouraged to go into the marketplace, meet customers, and sell products her own way. This is an example of: a. a sequential training program.
b. a disjunctive socialization tactic.
c. an institutionalized role orientation.
d. an individualized role orientation.

3. Which of the following is a disadvantage of the institutionalized role orientation? a. Many members do not “fit in.”
b. Members have difficulty responding to changing conditions. c. Managers have difficulty creating an ethical culture. d. Members behave in unpredictable ways.

4. A company has an office complex with athletic fields, a gym, a large garden, and a large picnicarea. These facilities are ____________ that convey images about the values in this organizational culture. a. rites of integration

b. rites of enhancement
c. socialization tactics
d. symbols

5. Which of these is NOT a factor that gives rise to the culture at The Smile Factory? a. Values of the founding team
b. An institutionalized socialization program
c. Stock ownership for employees
d. Strong pressure of group norms

6. Key components of organization design contributing to successful new product innovation are:

a.specialization, boundary spanning, and horizontal linkages. b.formalization, hierarchy, and organic structure. c.specialization, formalization, and standardization. d.homogeneity, top management support, and incremental change.

7. Which innovation...
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