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Topics: Rooms, Need, Students Pages: 3 (1276 words) Published: December 10, 2012
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Paper#3: Op-ed Article/ Final Draft

Off Campus Life

They are about 30000 students in VT and a majority student live off campus (about 2/3). As a freshman at Virginia Tech you are obligated to live on campus. It is actually understandable; you may actually prefer staying on campus but it is not going to be the case for many students. They maybe don’t consider freshmen mature enough to live off campus. A lot off students never lived completely alone before. On campus you still have some people who take care of you, for example RAs. Life on-campus is probably a transition to off-campus life. As I asked around in my hall a lot of students were convinced that they will live off campus, (out of the ten people I asked, 9 are already looking for off campus housing). Currently I am living in West AJ, the best dorm in VT. Some students even compare it to a hotel. It just got renovated. It is has beautiful lounges, a huge kitchen (every time you want to use it there is already someone using it) and even a game zone. You might think that I shouldn’t complain but I really do, I don’t feel home there. My first weeks at VT gave me the opportunity to meet a senior student named Jeremy in front of West AJ (my dorm). He was smoking a cigarette and enjoying the weather outside. I asked him for a lighter and if he was living here. He was actually on the same floor as me. I was pretty surprised to meet a senior living on campus and he seemed pretty convinced that it is the best place to live when you are in college. I couldn’t believe him. He stated certain points which can be considered as convenient such as having a fast access to all your classes. Everything is closer. You are five minutes away from all dining halls, the health center and even from the library where you can find all academic resources. All your friends are near and you feel like you are living in a certain community. You meet people you know randomly all the time. But I added,...
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