Topics: Koko, Orangutan, Chantek Pages: 1 (264 words) Published: February 13, 2011
Dear Editor,
After reading the article A Change of Heart about Animals by Jeremy Rifkin . I conclude that Rifkin is really interested in the way animals feel and the research that proves animals are just like humans . He is persuading us to think that animals are just like us by giving lots of examples of animals having emotions just like humans do. There is also lots of science that leads me to believe animals are just like us. Like the studies researchers have done on pigs, they need attention to stay happy because keeping them isolated or alone will make the pig feel depressed.I feel like animals should have their own rights because they are very intelligent and some, like Koko the gorilla, can communicate with humans. Betty and Abel the tool-making crows is another example of the intelligence of animals.This shows that we need to start treating animals more like humans rather than aliens.

Rifkin also mentions that animals have self awareness like Chantek, the orangutan who lives at the Atlanta Zoo, uses a mirror to groom his teeth and adjust his sunglasses. (10) Which in in my opinion is the greatest thing in our society and after reading about Chantek it really shocked me. It made me feel like animals are slowly becoming more like us than we know.

Over all I think Rifkin convinced me enough to make me believe animals are more like us than we imagined. Especially with all the science facts he put in there and all those great stories on some spectacular animals.
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