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Case Study : 2.2 Pushing Paper Can Be Fun

Q 1: What Performance problems is the captain trying to correct?

In the given scenario the problem projected by the police captain during the seminar to have a remedy in return ; is that the young officers who come to the police force are not at all good at doing paper work, they find it boring and hate it. They are much interested to stay out on the streets, either in cars or on a beat instead of doing paperwork while sitting in the office.

They frequently put off the job or do it inadequately which results in unclear and ambiguous reports which cause the police department to lose court cases ; where there is always need of unambiguous and highly detailed reporting.

Another problem is that the captain is finding it difficult to figure out the possible ways to motivate them to do the paperwork effectively and efficiently with no rewards or benefits to the young officers whatsoever . There are various problems related to the employee motivation, ability of officers to perform task, lack of role perception and different situational factors.

Q 2: Use the MARS model of individual behavior and performance to diagnose the possible causes of the unacceptable behavior?

According to the MARS model of individual behaviour there are four factors that directly influence voluntary individual behaviour and performance. Those factors are Motivation, Ability, Role perceptions and Situational factors.

Employee Motivation: Motivation is the force within the person that affects his or her direction, intensity and persistence of voluntary behaviour. As the captain has stated in the scenario that he is facing problem to find ways to motivate the employees.There was no clear motivation for employees to do their job perfectly as required. Motivation does not mean only financial motivation; people are motivated not only with money but also with an appreciation by the leaders of the company is enough to motivate them and pump in the force required to do the job with intensity.

Captain must have set some goals which on achieving, the employees get recognition through an appreciation letter at least from the higher ranked personnel in the organization, keeping in mind that he was under the budget crunch which limited him in motivating employees by rewarding them financially.

Ability: The individual behaviors and performances have a direct impact on the level of experience a person has. Similarly, when young inexperienced recruits who are not exposed to the work experience before, are hired in force and are expected to perform practical and written work so delicately, then this perception is totally wrong.

Insufficient training programs are even a factor leading to insufficient performance made by officers. If there had been a training session in which every officer was told and exercised that he had to pen down what he had done the whole day, in an accurate reporting way, the problem of disliking of paperwork would not been possible.

Analyzing the employees based on their capabilities was one of the cause. You will find some people whose interest is in doing the office work, captain should have recognize the skills and knowledge and segregate the work within depending on their capabilities. Coaching was also missing by the captain.

Role Perceptions: No "Person-Job Matching" criteria is followed, The officers in this case study are hired neglecting to the fact that whether the person's abilities are matching with the job requirements or not.The main problem is that the officers when get back to station after attempting practical performance, do not do the paperwork because they do not like it. This clearly states that these officers do not have a clear cut Role Perception in their minds neither acknowledgment about the job description. It’s not in their perception or belief that if they won’t do the paper works their organization and ultimately them is going to...
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