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CS2311 Object Oriented Programming Question bank Fifth semester In fifth sem, Object Oriented Programming, Object Oriented Programming., oops, question bank


1.Write the difference between oop and pop
2.What are the benefits of oop?
3.What are the various applications of oop?
4.What is a Datatype?
5.Define typecast operator
6.What do u meant by inline functions?
7.Write a simple c++ pgm to swap two nos without using temp variables 8.What is the difference between return by reference and call by reference? 9.What is function prototyping?
10.What do you meant by reference variable?

                                                            PART-B 1.Illustrate the function overloading concept with a C++ program to find the volume of cube and cylinder 2.Explain the basic concepts of oops with suitable Examples

3.Write a C++ program to construct student mark list for three subjects. Write the pgm to display name,rollno,marks,avg and total.Use clss and objects. 4.Explain the control structures in C++
5.Define Call by reference and Return by reference.


1.What is general form of class declaration?
2.What are the two ways of defining a method?
3.Define static data members and static member functions.
4.What is a Friend function?
5.What is constructor and destructor?What are the types of constructor? 6.Why there is a need to have private member functions?
7.Define about arrays within a class
8.What is the need of scope resolution operator?

1.Explain the Friend function concept with an example program. 2.What is Dynamic Initialisation of objects?Give a program to illustrate your answer. 3.Explain the constructor concept with its types with example programs. 4.Explain the concept of objects as functional arguments.

5.Write a C++ program to manage a bank account using classes and objects.

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