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Critical Writing Packet
Harris, REA 095
This purpose of this packet is to aid you in your Critical Writing Assignments for REA 095. TOPIC: “Extra Large, Please”
Go to page 636 of your reading textbook and read #3 beneath the topic “Extra Large, Please.” This question and essay assignment corresponds to your textbook’s Chapter 3 Implied Main Ideas Review Test #2 on pages 113-117. Reread the article “Extra Large, Please” by Alice M. Davies. Then, use the following packet to help guide you through the brainstorming and organizational parts of your essay’s prewriting. BRAINSTORMING:

In the space below, write out three notes from the reading that you found interesting: 1.
Now consider,
What can parents do to encourage their children to eat well and get more exercise?” In general, what do you think parents should do to help their kids eat well and be healthier? What do you want the point of your essay to be? Write that in the box.

Develop your main idea. Take the topic/point from the first page and turn it into a well-developed main idea statement. Remember, incorporate list words (see first box on page 68) in your main idea to tell me that a list of supporting details will follow.

Now, fill in the main idea in the central oval, and write in at least four major supporting details in the four surrounding ovals to support your main idea. Then, on the lines next to each supporting detail, write in at least 2 examples or minor details. At least one of these details should be a NEW statistic or fact you have researched on your own.

Now you can begin your rough draft. Your essay should be at least 5 paragraphs with at least 5-6 sentences per paragraph. Introduction
The first paragraph should be an introduction to the topic of the essay, as well as include the main idea statement. There should be some background information in here about your topic, and perhaps the 4 major details may be listed/mentioned (but do NOT go into detail on them yet!) You should be sure that your opening sets up the issue and leads the reader to your main idea. If an argument is being made or you are trying to be persuasive, now is the time to state your opinion or position on the argument. TIP# 1 – Begin with some type of attention grabbing opening, perhaps a startling statistic, an anecdote, or a quote. TIP# 2 - Many people write the introduction after they have written the body of the essay. Body Paragraphs

There should be one body paragraph for each major supporting detail. Each individual paragraph should be focused on just ONE of your major supporting details that support your thesis. Begin paragraphs with topic sentences, support assertions with evidence, and expound your ideas in the clearest, most sensible way you can. Speak to your reader as if he or she were sitting in front of you. TIP# 3 — Remember to use addition words (box on page 68) each time you begin a new major detail to help your writing flow and stay organized. Conclusion

Gracefully exit your essay by making a quick wrap-up sentence, and then end on some memorable thought, perhaps a quotation, or an interesting twist of logic, or some call to action. Is there something you want the reader to walk away and do? Let him or her know exactly what. Referenced from: http://www1.aucegypt.edu/academic/writers/ Check out this site for more help. GRADING:

Critical Writing assignments will be graded in four skill areas, each section worth a possible 25 points, for a highest possible score of 100. SKILL AREA 1: DIRECTIONS (10 points)
* On time [10 pts of per day (not per class) late!] Email it to me by pm on the due date if you will be absent. * Correct heading (includes your name, my name, class, section and date) * 12 pt font

* New Times Roman font
* Double-spaced
SKILL AREA: “Ideas” and “These Voice Audience” on rubric * Questions answered thoroughly
* Interesting support...
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