Ontario Election

Topics: Tax, Taxation in the United States, Dalton McGuinty Pages: 1 (405 words) Published: March 24, 2013
Ever since Dalton McGuinty was elected as the 24th premier of Ontario it was evident that many drastic changes were made. One of the main changes that McGuinty is well known for is his decision to introduce new taxes. Some of these unexpected taxes and costs that we must now face are eco taxes, health tax, the HST, and hydro bills. However, having a Tim Hudak government would help families when it comes to paying all of these, what seems to be, never-ending bills. In 2007, McGuinty even promised the people of Ontario that he would not hike taxes anymore by signing a contract with the Taxpayers Federation. However, soon after he was seen at the Ontario Provincial Election 2007 campaign commercial admitting to breaking his promise to not raise taxes. Many people are out of work and can barely make ends meet. So when Dalton McGuinty decided to merge the PST and GST to make the Harmonized Sales Tax, it is the people of Ontario that will ultimately pay the price. With HST it will be even harder for families to keep their finances afloat. Family would have to budget for extra cost when just going to fill up more gas for their car. Dalton has already stuck his hands deeply enough in our pockets. That is why the big change that Tim Hudak wanted to make if elected was to put more money back into our pockets. He wanted to give tax relief for families’ budgets by lowering income tax by 5% on the first $75,000 of taxable income. Also he wanted to get rid of the HST off of home energy bills and the cost of home heating. All these tax hikes was one reason why our economy is not growing, therefore this change would have truly helped restore Ontario’s reputation as an economic engine that helps Canada. Another economic issue that Ontario is facing is job creation. The HST was created by Dalton McGuinty because he said that it would allow more jobs to be created, however Ontario has instead lost 300,000 manufacturing jobs. Because of Dalton McGuinty Ontario was ranked second...
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