Onsumer Behavior Case Solutions (Ch09-Ch14)

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Consumer Behavior
Case Solutions (Ch09-Ch14)

Chapter 9
Rollerblade In Line skates
The diffusion of innovation refers to the tendency of new products, practices, or ideas to spread among people. Usually, when new products or ideas come about, they are only adopted by a small group of people initially; later, many innovations spread to other people. Modeling plays an integral role in spreading new products within targeted segment, it instruct people in new styles of behavior, accelerate diffusion, and serve as advocates for products Q#2:

Modeling Employed | Desired Response|
Showing him an ad of Rollerblade | Show him the product and get information about it| Showing him a video tape of how Rollerblade skates can be used| Using skates in correct| Showing him a video tape of how Rollerblade skates can be used in new ways| Using skates in new enjoyable ways| Using Rollerblade skates in front of our friend| Using skates in correct|

Stimulus| Response| Influence|
Familiar voices| Attention, excitement | Using a celebrity in the commercial to show consumers how exciting is skates | Teenagers music| excitement| Using teenagers music will make them feel excitement | Professionals | Excitement & fun| Using some skates experts to show how enjoyable and healthier you can be if you used Rollerblade skates |

Chapter 10
Cub- Foods

1-List at least 5 marketing tactics CUB food employed in its stores to increase the probability of purchases. a) Convenience: Super Large stores that contains thousands of different products and brands under the same roof. b) Everyday low prices: by keeping cost at minimum and acquiring low margins at 15% (10 points less than average stores). c) Well-designed Layout: that guides shoppers through a sequential shopping steps based on a well-studied consumer behavior approach. d) Large Shopping carts: to stimulate customers to by large quantities. e) Using many psychological effects to stimulate purchasing behavior: Entry large discounted Aisles. 2- What accounts for cub’s success in generating such large sales per customer and per store. Cub stores management had an excellent consumer behavior approach application, they were able to define their consumer needs, what type of effects that can stimulate consumers decision making and purchase behavior. Accordingly they designed their marketing Mix to maximize purchases per consumer: * Products: Huge Varity of high quality product with different types and brands. * Price: Everyday low price strategy, less than another stores. * Promotion: large discounts, displayed at entrances to create excitement. * Distribution: large no of super large stores.

3- Given cup’s lower prices, quality merchandized, excellent location, and superior assortment, offer reasons why many consumers in its trading areas refuse to shop there? * Given the strategy Cub is following to stimulate large quantity purchases, some people well have fears of being seduced to spend more than budgets if they do shopping at Cub stores. * The super large size of the store with the huge verity of items may create confusion and frustration among some customers.

Chapter 11
America’s Movie Theaters

Activity| Physical Aspect| Social Aspect| Affect/Cognition| Behavior| Watching movie in a theater | Huge screens, concession stand, first rate sound, projections, spacious auditorium, comfortable seats, and attractive decorated place| Watching a movie with different kinds of people who share one or more of interests | No routine, Enjoyable environment, happy to be out home| Eating popcorn and enjoy the movie| Watching a movie at home | Home screen, home theater sound system | Watching a movie alone at home in relaxed and calm environment| Relaxed, quite, happy to be home, controllable watching| Eating at home and enjoy the...
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