Topics: Meaning of life, Poetry, Semantics Pages: 3 (988 words) Published: February 20, 2012
Spring; a time where rebirth of our earth takes place all around the world. It is a time where replication of flowers begin to blossom and trees begin to start their journey of growing up all over again. It is when the Sun lays back and watches our earth transform into a new season of life, where the sounds of bee's buzzing and children playing in the newly grown grass shows the purity of this magnificent season. Although spring is a repeated time of the year we still breathe the fresh air with a smile on our face, but to Kim Addonizio, the author and narrator of the poem "Onset" springtime seems to be of terror in her eyes. "Onset" is a poem that refers to the replications of spring which slowly lead into the identical features of everyday life. Kim Addonizio uses purified imagery, fastidious word-choice, personification, and metaphoric phrases to exemplify that the constant replication and execution of spring is a tireless action done in all aspects of life.

Kim Addonizio uses a lot of imagery in this poem which enhances the overall meaning of the poem. There are two images Addonizio describes. In the beginning of the poem, she starts by giving the reader an image of springtime and his or her observation of what is seen. Throughout the poem, the image changes to a setting of a grocery store and the replications she see's are those of "canned beans and soups, freezers of identical dinners; then the snowflake-dimond-snowflake of the rug." Although the images are not the same, they all relate in the sense that she sees a form of repetition.

When it comes to the choice of words, Kim Addonizio excels and manufactures words that add in-depth meaning to the poem. Addonizio starts her rage of word choice in the beginning of the poem when she is describing the scenery of spring. When she talks about the "bush of white flowers," its seems as if "white" is chosen to represent purity of the season. To have the reader understand the purity she also states items...
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