Only You Can Keep Your Life Private

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February 21, 2013

Only You Can Keep Your Life Private
While most everyone thinks that is it Facebook that shares people’s private information, I disagree. Though they may be partly right, I feel as if it is their own fault. When it comes to Facebook everyone has a choice. Whether the choice is to continue using Facebook, or to sign off for good and delete your account. People use the social media sites like Facebook, MySpace, Twitter so that their life is out there in the open, the bottom line is: you choose what to share.

Robert Cringely’s essay “Facebook Puts Your Privacy on Parade” (2010) mainly focuses on the changes Facebook made to its privacy settings. After these privacy changes were made, it was easier to access your private information through Google and other similar sites. People were all enraged that this was now possible for everyone’s information to be so easily accessible. This is one thing that I don’t understand; if you are not pleased with what Facebook is doing regarding privacy settings, why do you still have an account. Though some of your information will be available on the internet, it is mainly by your own doing. Anything that you post on your Facebook, whether there are strict privacy settings or not, risks getting leaked and easily found on search sites and there is no stopping that. Think about it this way; would you post your credit card number on your Facebook wall? It is exactly the same with your private personal information, if you don’t want people to see it don’t post it.

Cringely states in the essay “Facebook Puts Your Privacy on Parade” (2010 p.488), that some people may not care too deeply about some kinds of personal information, but care a lot more about other kinds of information (p.488). The things they may worry about just differ from person to person. Sometimes it’s the most public of us that have the biggest need for confidentiality. Government officials may have...
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