“Only Through Mistakes Can There Be Discovery or Progress.”

Topics: Isaac Newton, The Mistake, Mistake Pages: 3 (839 words) Published: August 26, 2010
There is a stating that the mistake is the mother of success. Could people only make discovery or progress through mistakes? I am afraid that I do not quite agree with such an assertion. While in my perspective, mistakes are not necessary to make discover or progress, although in most circumstances it is more efficient to discover new things or to progress through mistakes.

Admittedly, mistakes could help us make progress because it is the mistake that tell us what is wrong and hence make improvement or progress. For example, many students might have the same feeling that we learn new things through the mistakes we made in our homework, and this is one of the reason that teacher ask us to do home exercises. By carefully analyzing the mistakes in the homework, many important ideas or methods which might be ignored before would come to the key point to solve such problems and therefore students could learn and make progress in such way, It is similar in many other realms such as sports or government, just to name a few. We could frequently see that one sports team make progress through the analysis of the games that it loses, Hence, mistakes do help people to improve themselves by analyzing the reasons that resulted in the mistakes.

What’s more, it is more obvious in realms such as science, The way in which people make discovery and progress in science is to prove the assertions made before wrong, Numerous discoveries have been made through such a process. To illustrate it , think about the discovery of the Theory of Relativity made by Einstein who prove the principles established by Sir Isaac Newton were incorrect through various experiments and then established his own prominent theory. Were he not find the deficiency in the theories of Newton, he could hardly be able to find his own theories. Moreover, the physicist Lutherfer also improved the model of the atomic by observing some blemishes in the model made by his teacher, In those examples, it is clear...
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