Only the Wearer Knows, Where the Shoe Pinches

Topics: Want, Problem solving, Problem Pages: 3 (954 words) Published: November 13, 2011
Current, the society is plagued with innumerable problems. But is anyone ready to do anything about it? Only a small percentage of those affected do something. Everyone thinks that as long as we are safe, nothing needs to be done.

No one except he who is experiencing it knows the cause of a trouble or difficulty. His behaviour is not understood by other because they are unaware of the motive behind it. For example, a man resigned from a highly paid post in a business organisation for no apparent reason, and everyone wondered why. The truth was that the managing director’s wife had fallen in love with him, which had caused him so much embarrassment that the only way to avoid her was to seek employment elsewhere.

THE OLD saying ’Only the wearer knows, where the shoe pinches’, fairly applies to the general attitude of people living in today’s society. The current society is plagued with innumerable problems ranging from lacklustre attitude of civic authorities to corrupt government officials, from declining mental peace to eroding familial values and increasing terror in the society. But is anyone listening? Is anyone bothered? Does anybody has time to devote to any of the problem areas that the society is facing and do something to at least create an awareness for it, if not make an attempt to solve it?

Everyone expects the garbage to be cleaned up by someone else, conveniently ignoring certain basic facts that each one of us is, in some way or the other is responsible for the garbage. The society finds a very easy escape route of any problem that comes. There are basically three things that everyone in the society, in general, does to address a problem:

Ignoring the problem.
Letting the problem continue till a maxima is reached.
Thinking that this problem is not going to hit me.

Unfortunately, all the three approaches act as a positive catalyst in nourishing the monster that loves to devour the succour in the society. Pigmenting the core of...
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