Only People Who Earn a Lot of Money Are Successful.

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  • Published : March 5, 2011
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Do you agree or disagree with the following statement? Only people who earn a lot of money are successful. Use specific reasons and examples to support your answer. Definitely, I do not totally agree with the statement of title. However, the wealthy people are indeed a successful group. So let me discuss what the success includes, and then to get a conclusion. First is money. There are too many examples to tell, such as Bill Gates, Dell, the mayor of New York and more and more. Nobody doubts their successes. Besides them, there are many wealthy people in the world. Are they successful? My answer is yes if they reach their goal with their endeavor. Money is a sign of their success, a result of their struggle, and fruit of their intelligence and knowledge. However, money is not everything. Some people earn their money but respect from our society. Dirty money gives them wealth, and it also gives them a guilty. Without respect, money means nothing. Second is reputation. Many people believe that fame brings money, but it isn't always true. There are many famous people who are not rich. So many people and famous people earn a lot of money in their lives but still they don't feel they are successful. In my own opinion achievement is the criteria to measure success in life. History is full of people who were not very rich but still we admire them for their achievements. I think those are the real successful people. Mahatma Gandhi didn't earned a lot of money in his life, led a very simple life but still today all Indians remember him. Why? Because he made people aware to fight for their rights and motivated them to make India free. And more, there are millions of famous scientists who are not rich by today's standard, but they are the well-known successful in our society. Wealth has become a common measure of success. However, I strongly disagree that wealth is an accurate measure of success. There are many ways of evaluating success. Two methods of evaluating someone's success are by their accomplishments and whether they have contributed to society. For example, Albert Einstein was brilliant physicist known throughout the world for his theory of relativity. He is famous because of his theories and his developments in the field. While working on physics he was a patent clerk, a position that would never supply him with financial wealth. His example can be seen throughout the world. University professors and researchers would simply not exist if everyone was concerned with wealth. Success is not only measured by wealth but in accomplishments, such as Einstein's theories or new drugs developed through research. Mother Teresa was a nun that devoted her entire life to helping the poor in India. She won many awards for her struggle in trying to help the poor, but never kept any of the money awarded for her own personal gain. Her example is also followed by many people in social services. Working for the government, especially in social services, will never make anyone millions. However, many university graduates willingly dedicate their careers to helping children. The feelings of abused children or those getting out of helpless situations are a contribution that should not be ignored. Whether someone earns a million dollars a year or more is a very short sighted method of evaluating success. Nowadays in social got a lot of illegitimate ways to earn money. When we meet someone who earns a lot of money, we should not conclude that they are a successful person. We have firstly asked them from what they get all this money. Maybe they are just thrifts or they sell cocaine for other people. They really make money from this and we cannot consider them as successful person. In addition, there are a lot of people who are very successful even though they do not have enough money. For example, the medical researchers who spend most of their lives to make some studies and research in order to help the humanity. They are successful...
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