Only If I Could Have Known

Topics: High school, College, Secondary education Pages: 2 (569 words) Published: October 4, 2011
Abdulkadir Salisu Babajo
Diagnostic Essay
15th September, 2011.
It was on a Thursday evening when I just recently finished having lectures for that day. And due to my late registration I came to have lots of classes on Thursday, so before the last class of that day I’m already very exhausted. Although I was getting used to having five courses a day and at the same time it was very tough for me. It was my third week on campus. On that same Thursday evening after coming back from my last course of the day I sat on my bed thinking about how I was lost in most of the classes. Just then I was realizing that I need to change the way I study and wished that if only I would have the opportunity of going back to my secondary school and read harder, listen more in class and have a higher grade generally in my testimonial. Because what was making my class though for me is not only my number of class that day but also the way I was left behind. Apart from my weak study in my secondary school there is hardly anything that I would like to do differently in my past life. Being in the university has changed my way of thinking and at the same time made me see some things less as important. What actually made have these changes was because of some seminars that we had at the beginning of the semester and at the same time knowing the high implications of my grades from the beginning of the semester. All the less importance things I will try to eliminate from my day to day activities. These are things like football, board games etc. I am actually trying to study harder and I currently try to study at least two hours a day. I recently had a class when our instructor was asking me a question. I was actually distracted and thinking about the evening football training. Hoping I would be chosen for the squad of the next football match. And when the instructor noticed I wasn’t listening. He asked me a question which I couldn’t answer which...
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