Only God Can Judge Me

Topics: Arithmetic mean, English-language films, Roald Dahl Pages: 2 (752 words) Published: October 29, 2012
Only God can Judge me !

Do you judge people by the clothes they wear? Did you ever tried judging people by their look? Did anyone judge you? How would you feel getting judge? To me I never did judge people by their cover, I rather meet them in their inside than their outside because their inside is what tells you who they really are whether their nice, sweet, mean or shy. But people this day tend to judge a book by its cover. They judge the way they look not knowing what’s inside of them. In “Lamb to Slaughter” by Roald Dahl, police officers did judge Mary Maloney because the way she look and acted-like an innocence person. That’s why police didn’t tried to accuse her killing her own husband. In the story we truly understand the significant of the expression, don’t judge a book by its cover.

Police officers never intended to accuse Mary Maloney of murdering her husband. Mary Maloney looking innocent, acting like she never do anything, and made up a fake story to draw away suspicious from her. After she killed Patrick Maloney by hitting him with the leg of the lamb, she was nervous and afraid that the police will know she slaughtered her own husband just because she do not want Patrick to leaver her. That’s why Mary Maloney turned evil and hit Patrick with the leg of lamb. After she smash him, Mary was afraid that police will take her but she figured out a plan to draw away suspicious. In the text, after savage Patrick, “ All the love for him came back to her and she ran over to him, knelt down beside him, and began to cry hard. It was easy. No acting necessary.” (Dahl,4) This quote means that she planned everything acting like she was gone the all time to draw suspicious so police would not accuse her.

People in the outside are not the same in the inside because in the outside doesn’t give you a lot of information but the inside part does. It is like a book, the book might have a boring caption or title but when you read it, it is good and...
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