Online E-Learning System

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I. Introduction

2.1 Background of the Problem

Nowadays the use of computers is intensely rising and today it is the fastest growing industry in our economy. There are no age limits before using it, as long as you know how. We always encounter different computer programs, exquisitely edited photos and videos that we enjoy to look up. But behind of all these computer result or output, do you know how it all happened? How a simple image turned to a beautiful picture?

Computer Assisted Instruction is now fashionable, popular in many areas of educational learning and it will help a lot of people especially the students to find out what is behind of this entire computer outcome. This way of learning has been implemented in different areas of the world especially in countries that are in the stage of modernization like the Philippines. This kind of system is very convenient because it is very efficient in terms of time, energy and money. This type of system will be a great advantage and can help you a lot in many things mainly in automated teaching or instructing. Presented with these details, the proponents mean to propose to develop a Computer Assisted Instruction to interest the college students of STI Sta. Maria and provide them an Online Computer Assisted Instruction System to help them in their study and other things that they need to know in the field on Information Technology.

1.2 Overview of the Current State of the Technology
The Computer Society of STI Sta. Maria is planning to perform some Tutorials on some Computer related topics. Some tutorials will be repeated for the benefit of the students that have class on the time when a certain session of tutorial was held. The process of repeating the tutorial for the sake of other students takes a lot of effort for those who will facilitate the tutorial thought repeating all that was demonstrated in the previous session, it will take again time and energy. In one session it can only facilitate...
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