Online vs Tradional College

Topics: Education, If You Have to Ask, Classroom Pages: 2 (705 words) Published: March 29, 2013
Online Education Versus On Ground
Kiesha Wittrell
Enc 1101-12
March 7, 2013

Online Education versus On-Ground
Online classes are great you learn things well than an on-ground campus, you have more time to complete any classwork, or homework you may have and it’s easier to get along with others than sitting in a classroom. Many students that take online classes seem to learn faster than those who are in a classroom and I’ve seen that from the experience that I am having now, with online classes. I’ve thought about doing on-ground classes as well and don’t think it would be good for me because I’m not much of a talker when it comes to doing presentations or any big projects in front of a class since I’ve always been the shy type of person since high school. Sitting in a classroom can encourage the student to participate in any activity or assignment that the teacher gives you. It also helps you to participate in discussions that you may have in class. When you are given assignments in class you either have a choice of developing public speaking skills or receive a feedback from the student or the instructor which isn’t too bad. When a lecture is given to a class students are allowed to ask questions and respond to them so the instructor can see if anyone is participating. When it comes to online classes participation is something that is counted for as a grade. As an online student you can change your schedule to make sure that your school schedule fit in. you have more of a flexible schedule especially if you are on a job and you don’t have to drive long distance either, you can just sit at home on your personal computer or you can go to your public library to do your assignments. When it comes to assignments that you are given you will have written assignments and then you can submit them to your instructor. As an online student you can’t see your teacher but if you have any questions that you want to ask your...
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