Online vs. Classroom Education

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Online vs. Classroom Education
Michelle D. Rust
English Composition 121
Alisa Moore
July 26, 2010

Online vs. Classroom Education
Online vs. Classroom, which format is better for you? Well that all depends on you as a student and what fits your lifestyle. They say that college students between the ages of 18-21, benefit more from attending a traditional college. They have more of a need for the social atmosphere, plus this means freedom from living at home. Students who are older most likely already have jobs and family to support. Therefore, they find that going to an online university or college fits their lifestyle better. In the following pages, I am going to discuss the differences between online and on-campus classes and how internet classes compare to face-to-face classroom settings.

Being in the classroom provides an interactive setting. Having students all in the same classroom has the benefit of allowing students to exchange ideas and have discussions with the teacher included in the exchange without any communication barrier. I just recently graduated from a Summit Career College and there’s no way I would have gotten through learning all the Microsoft Office Applications if I wouldn’t have taken it in class and had fellow student’s, plus my teacher there in class to help me. Therefore, you need to think about what kind of student you are and what kind of education program you will need to get through the subjects you are taking.

Online learning provides a different level of conversation between students and with their teacher. They interact through class discussion boards, e-mail, and student chat rooms. Student chat rooms make it easier for professors to be more readily available to students. In addition, you have the opportunity to meet people from other parts of the world. For instance, I have had fellow classmates that are over in Iraq taking the same classes. Which I have found to be amazing on their part and informative. Since I...
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