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Topics: Voter turnout, Election, Elections Pages: 3 (534 words) Published: February 24, 2013

Title of the project: Automated ballot vote
Automated ballot vote is an information management system that has been developed for automating the process of election proceedings that take place between the people, and the government. The system needs consistent flow of information at different levels within the automated ballot vote, any interruption in the flow of major data can cause the final verdict to get stalled or pending. These kinds of situations should be holding our automated system. Data maintenance becomes a vital component with proper relation at all different stages. Any relational mismatch upon the actual information can change the actual meaning of the verdict, which is a great concern in the departments. The systems also become false proof for data attractions at any stage, because the overall control of information is kept in the hands of different administrations working at different levels. The subjective authority of data manipulation is handled lay with proper authentication, but all the recognized actions in the system can execute queries upon the system as per the substantial standardizations as they arise when the system is under the operational standards. Modules: The present application has been divided in to four modules.

1. Admin Module
2. User Module
3. Voter ID Application
4. Reports Module

1. Admin Module:
This module tells all about an automated ballot vote department who are conducting elections in our country. By using this module Automated ballot vote can release election schedule which involves type of elections (parliament, Assembly), election zone (area) in addition with nomination starting date, ending date and also election starting date, ending date. 2. User Module: This module tells all about voters. By using this module any citizen who is crossing 18 years old can register their names to get electoral authentication, and also they can go for online voting....
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