Online Voters Registration System

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  • Published : July 24, 2012
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Project Context

A basic tenet of democracy is the right of the people to elect the government under which they will live, or, as Abraham Lincoln so eloquently put it, a “government of the people, by the people, for the people”. The ability to hold fair and safe election is critical to a democracy’s existence. We consider a state’s standing as a democratic government.

The OVR will act as a way to bring more people to the public sphere, a way to make participation in democratic functions more accessible for all. The OVR will help reduce the issues about the number of people who does not vote for a reason that registering takes a lot of effort and time to go directly to the registration office. OVR then, is one of the ways to solve the problem with regards to the decreasing number of voters; it will enhance participation in the democratic process.

The OVR encompasses all things that are being taken place before, during and after elections. Every voter could not only register, but can also update, inquire and check for the status of the previous election. In other word, OVR will act as a new avenue of communication between the candidates and voters prior to Election Day.

Purpose and Description

This study aims to develop and implement the Online Voters Registration of COMELEC at Tuao, Cagayan.
Online Voters Registration System(OVRS) is a combination of software and hardware that will provide and help with the design, development, testing and hosting integrated with web-based application modules which includes the login modules for secure and password protected authentication, voter registration suite of modules for voter registration status, special ballot and polling place locator and lastly the reports publishing module for generating, reviewing and publishing pre-defined voter registration statistics reports to the website of public viewing.


Specifically, it aims
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